Very often we have some animals that are difficult to move, are aggressive towards their peers, are damaged or injured, or we just have something in a group that a farmer wants gone and we're helping them out. Usually we can make a couple of calls and solve the issue. This fall, as these deals present themselves, we'll post them on this page so that anyone can have an opportunity to pursue some of the deals that usually stay in house. Check back often as we'll update this page regularly. 

These bulls are under 325. They'll be available for day hunts this fall! First come only.  Book quickly to reserve this deal! 

solelk 2.jpeg

This bull has a small break on the back tip. Scores 350's.   $5950

350 1.JPG
350 2.JPG
350 3.JPG

This bull has a small break on his beam tip. Scores 370's.  $6750

370 1.JPG
370 2.JPG

Non-typical buck coming soon. Please ask if interested. Price after he comes here...

Devons deer.jpeg