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Steve and Melissa, I just wanted to thank you for the unbeatable hospitality my Dad and I received on our hunt. You put forth a ridiculous amount of effort for the hunt to ensure we were satisfied with the end result; you were flexible and educational, making the hunt stress-free and the lodging feel like home. Plus, the end result was two gorgeous bucks to bring home! The hunting ground is one of a kind with the opportunity to hunt many blinds (heat comfort provided by you), spot and stalk through the trees, or still hunt the thick areas of your land. I will never forget sneaking through the thick cattails and grunting a buck into less than 10 yards! I think we spooked each other! I have highly recommended your outfit for my friends to go hunt with you and wanted to shoot this write up to you in hopes you could use it on your website or Facebook to let others know you guys are first class! Thanks again, hope to get the kids there in the future, -Nick H.


What an experience. Steve and Melissa are arguably two of the most down to earth people my wife and I have ever come across. They are excellent host and made our hunts at Crow River Whitetails unforgettable. We are very excited to return and hunt with them again.

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