We offer a nice mix of hardwoods, prairie grass, cattail swamps and thick alder brush  to ensure an enjoyable hunt. There will be world class northern whitetails of all sizes available for harvest. We will only be booking one hunter or group at a time so you will have the entire preserve to yourself! 




Hunts will be 3    days and 3  nights.

Under 160" hunts will be  2 days and 2 nights.

Management hunts will be for 1 day. 


For your hunt you may  use the weapon of your choice.


There will NOT  be a guide present unless you request one. There will be no charge for a guide should you request one. 


You will be required to sign a contract/liability waiver.


There will be no alcohol allowed before or during your hunt. 


No licence  is required. 


All  travel preparations will be made including caping and  deboning as necessary at no charge.

You will be guaranteed a buck.


If you do not harvest an animal, you may come back as many times as it takes to harvest your trophy.

A Minnesota hunting license is not required. 





We use the safari club (SCI) scoring method.

A $500  non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your dates.

Management hunts  if available will be $1995.   These would be  harvest bucks that are small or   have damaged  or unusual antlers.   

For those doing self guided hunts, the preserve bucks will  be scored prior to going into the preserve hunting area.  Each deer will have a color coded    ear tag (ear tags are required by law) that corresponds with his   antler size.   Should you choose  to harvest a different size class than you originally had in mind, simply check the tag color and price and adjust as you like. 

Up to 160  inch will be    $2950        (Yellow ear tag)    

161  - 170  inch will be     $3450        (Black ear tag)

171  -  180    inch will be    $3950        (Red ear tag)

181 - 190 inch will be    $4450        (Green ear tag)

191 - 200 inch will be    $4950        (Blue ear tag)

201 - 230 inch will be    $5950        (Purple ear tag)

231 - 275 inch will be    $6450        (Orange ear tag)

276+                                                        $6950        (White ear tag)

Larger sizes are  available.  If you  are interested in a very large buck we will work with you to customize your    hunt package.   

Elk  hunt packages.

340 - 360 inch will be   $6950

360 - 380 inch will be  $7450

380 - 400 inch will be $7950

400  - 420  inch will be $8950

Larger and smaller sizes are available.  If you are interested in   a size outside of these ranges just let us know and we'll be happy to  get you a price!

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