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We offer a nice mix of hardwoods, prairie grass, cattail swamps and thick alder brush to ensure an enjoyable hunt. There will be world class northern whitetails of all sizes available for harvest. We will only be booking one hunter or group at a time so you will have the entire preserve to yourself! 




Hunts will be 3 days and 3 nights.

Under 160" will be 2 days and 2 nights. 

Management hunts (if any are available) will be for 1 day. 


For your hunt you may use the weapon of your choice.


There will NOT be a guide present unless you request one. There will be no charge for a guide should you request one. 


You will be required to sign a contract/liability waiver.


There will be no alcohol allowed before or during your hunt. 


All travel preparations will be made including caping and  deboning as necessary at no charge. 

You will be guaranteed a buck.


If you do not harvest an animal, you may come back as many times as it takes to harvest your trophy.

A Minnesota hunting license is not required.

Wounding an animal requires full payment. We will make every effort to recover the animal for you before your departure. If you depart we will ship the antlers and cape at your expense when / if found. (We have always had 100% recovery) 

Non hunting guests are welcome and can stay at no cost. 



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