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A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your dates. If during your hunt an animal in your preferred size class does not present itself, or if you simply don't see one that you like, you may return at a later date to try again. Your deposit will carry over.  

For those doing self guided hunts, the preserve bucks will be scored prior to going into the preserve hunting area. Each deer will have a color coded ear tag that corresponds with his antler size. Should you choose to harvest a different size class than you originally had in mind, simply check the tag color and price and adjust as you like.

2022 whitetail hunt prices are as follows.

140 - 160 inch will be  $3450
160 - 175 inch will be  $3950
175 - 190 inch will be  $4950
190 - 200 inch will be  $5950
200 - 230 inch will be  $6550
230 - 275 inch will be  $7250
275 - 300 inch will be  $7950
300+ inch will be based per score

Larger sizes are available.  If you are interested in a very large buck we will work with you to customize your hunt package.

Due to their rarity, clean typical whitetails with less than 5% nontypical inches will be increased one price class and tagged accordingly.

Elk hunt packages.

under 320 start at $4000
320 - 339 inch $5950
340 - 359 inch  $6950
360 - 379 inch  $7950
380 - 399 inch  $8950
400+ price will be individually determined.

All elk packages are based on availability.

Larger and smaller sizes are available. If you are interested in a size outside of these ranges just let us know and we'll be happy to get you a price.

Check the bargain page regularly for last minute deals that pop up!

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