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Do I need a license?

No.  You are not required to have a hunting license for deer and elk at our preserve.

Are there stands available?

Yes. There are several 2 man ladder stands available as well as banks blinds, an 8x8 

wheel chair access blind and a couple of custom made stands . 

What type of weapon should I bring?

You may bring the weapon of your choice.  Archery, crossbow, rifle, and muzzle loader are the most common. Make sure that you are proficient and accurate with whatever weapon you choose. 

Is there lodging included?

Yes, there are 2 bedrooms with private baths available.  We also welcome motor homes and campers. We can also guide you to local hotels that have a pool and other amenities available. 

Will my image be public or posted for advertising?

We do not  require the use of your image as other preserves do.  We respect the privacy of our guests. We will only use your image with your permission and if you are comfortable with us doing so.

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